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Shrimp & Fish Graders - RefrigerationProcess Tanks - Cooking Systems - Custom Belt Conveyors

Facility overview of Sort Rite International

Since its incorporation in 1952, Sort Rite International. has manufactured and supplied specialized automatic shrimp and seafood processing equipment. Including in the line of standard machinery are:

  • Shrimp/Fish Graders.

  • Process Tanks.

  • Cooking Systems.

  • Custom Belt Conveyors, including transfer and pack out conveyor systems.

  • De-heading systems.

  • "Aqua-Flo" pond harvesting systems, pond feeders, etc.

Also, technical assistance is offered including complete shrimp plant layout and design.

The shrimp industry, in general, doubted the feasibility of shrimp or fish ever being raised in ponds or farms in large quantities. But the demand forced the opportunity, and by 1983, Ecuador exported over 50 million pounds of their farm raised shrimp. Sort-Rite was there! and during all this years Sort-Rite has proven a performance that exceeds our expectations, with several hundreds of machines installed all over the world.


The majority of countries around the world have the potential to farm raise seafood products to feed their people and help their own trade deficits. Sort-Rite continues to expand its services to meet the increasing growth of the Aquaculture industry by utilizing the services of marine biologists and experienced shrimp farm managers. Thus, armed with factual data, relative to shrimp farm operation, and by visiting the areas and its processing facilities, Sort Rite is able to direct its energies toward designing and manufacturing, especially for this new shrimp/fish industry. Sort Rite designed the Aqua-Flo pond harvester enabling unloading at least thirty-six hundred pounds of shrimp per hour with an efficient use of personnel. The Aqua-Flo harvests, by pumping, without damage, all the shrimp from the pond through a dewatering mechanism into a wash/receiving tank of flake ice and water. The shrimp are immediately chilled, so body weight loss is minimized, while they receive a first wash. The shrimp can then be weighed, layered with flake ice, and transported to processing. This system now allows shrimp to be harvested and taken to processing in top quality condition.

The basic structure of this pond harvester can be adapted to specific requirements of each growing pond, and each such system can be made mobile for rapid movement from pond to pond throughout the farm.

Shrimp entering a modern, high capacity plant, should be headed, washed, graded for size, packaged and on their way to freezers within minutes of their arrival; therefore, modern processing depends on Sort Rite equipment for the general handling, accuracy, and increased productivity so necessary to meet the growing demands of the shrimp market.

Sort Rite™ machinery is already the acknowledged standard of the industry, worldwide.

Maintaining such personal communication with its customers and prospective customers has built strong confidence in the company and its solutions. Sort-Rite has created a worldwide network of satisfied processors working with it's reliable equipment.

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